What we do

Our mission is to open doors for those who are willing to work hard to pursue their passion, and our vision is a future where your opportunities are driven by effort, skill, and interest, not by background.

Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not, and a large driver of that is relationships, some call it the network gap. By focusing on equitable access to these networks, we work to collapse that gap, and build meaningful relationships for both the candidates and professionals who believe in the same future.

How we do it

We believe in our mission as a true north star. We believe opportunities should be driven by effort, skill, and interest, not by background. We believe the importance of our mission calls for extraordinary effort and a singular focus on this mission, and this mission only. We understand that everything we build is towards our mission, and by focusing on that mission, everything else about the business will follow.

We believe in building bridges not islands. We believe that in order to effect real change, we must bring people together, not create divisiveness. We believe no one is better or worse because of their background, ethnicity or gender. We value diversity in people, ideas, and perspectives, and strive to recognize the best in others. We do not shame individuals acting with positive intentions just because it is in a way we disagree with. We can disagree with a person's idea without rushing to judgement on them as an individual.

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"As a first-generation student I became obsessed with fixing the existing system and creating equitable access to opportunities.

It's thrilling to be building a better future with such an amazing community, and I can't wait to see what we're able to do together over the coming years!"

-Brian Keenan, CEO

Our core values


The paths we can take in life shouldn't be limited based on our backgrounds. We believe in blazing new trails for everyone and anyone willing to put in the effort and explore.


We're on this planet to explore, learn, and share in that journey - curiosity is the trait that drives us forward and pulls us together.


None of us have experienced what we have without help - it truly takes a village. We believe that by recognizing that gratitude for others, we operate in a more meaningful way.


Everyone is on their own journey and has experienced their own struggles - being mindful of that is core to building an inclusive and equitable future.


It's amazing what can be achieved with a smile. We believe in always remembering to have fun and enjoy this beautiful ride we're all on :)

Bridging the network gap for candidates from all backgrounds

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