Connect qualified candidates directly with your team to build a diverse world-class pipeline

Nothing is more unique about your company than your talent - it's time to share that with all candidates, regardless of background

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Candidates with 0 connections at your company are 6x less likely to join!

It's easy to miss out on top talent, especially diverse talent, without creating those connections - that's where Odyssey comes in

What's an Odyssey?

Odysseys are specially crafted 1:1's, group-chats, workshops & info sessions, between your team and qualified diverse candidates

Built for easy team participation

Completely flexible, low-lift structures

Seamlessly deploy across all hiring channels

1. Set smart candidate filters for each role

Ensure only relevant connections are made between candidates from any channel and your teammembers

2. Invite teammembers to manage their Odysseys

Every employee can flexibly set their own schedule, whether 1:1's, group coffee chats, or large-scale info sessions.

3. Share Odysseyss globally

Trackable links help you provide access anywhere you post new jobs - leveling the playing field for underrepresented talent

55% faster & 25% more profitable hires, with Odyssey referrals are also more diverse

Odysseys improve every stage of your funnel

Odysseys add a face to your recruiting and help your team build relationships over time through
Your team is able to flag the most promising candidates from every Odyssey
You can now win the best candidates as they choose you over an unknown team
Your new hires start with a day-zero support network, while your employees engage and build critical leadership skills

"A great experience that unlocked access to amazing underrepresented [candidates]"

"We're happy we engaged with them and look forward to working together more!"

Arash N, Managing Director, Citi

"We've had a fantastic experience working with Odyssey"

"The [candidates are] enthusiastic and engaged... [We've] loved working with Odyssey"

Elizabeth A., McKinsey & Co.

Equitably hire the best talent on earth

The Best, Diverse Hires
Surface the candidates that will succeed, not just the ones that happen to be in-network, by creating true access opportunities
Easily Mobilize Employees
A 1,000 person company doing just 1x 5-person coffee-chats per month is 60,000 new connections
A Smart ROI
Estimated $4.50 pay-off per $1, with better, more engaged talent, time savings, improved retention, and more

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