Be a role model, in your way, on your schedule

Odysseys are meaningful, but flexible, connections with you & diverse members. It's your opportunity to make the change you believe in, starting now!

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"It's been really awesome to connect with talented young students from underrepresented backgrounds"

"It's especially encouraging to hear them say that they probably wouldn't have connected with me if not for Odyssey - this is a well-designed platform that's filling a really important gap"

Brandon W.

"I've really enjoyed all the mentoring sessions i've done so far"

"I have connected with professionals through the site and have had only have positive experiences"

Alexandra S.

"You do a service to yourself as much as to the rest of the world."

"Being a mentor is like paying a debt to yourself. By paying forward the guidance you had (or wished you'd had), you get back affirmation, gratitude, and camaraderie."

Shawn T.

"[I just joined recently, and] loved my first office hours!"

" The students were  really bright and sweet, and it made my day talking to them."

Maia A.
Professionals are joining to help from companies of all shapes & sizes

1. Create an Odyssey

Total flexibility - from 1:1's to group chats - you decide the topic, audience, number of seats and length of each video-chat

2. Set your schedule

Create the calendar that will enable you to make an impact without sacrificing your other commitments. From one-off times, to recurring events, it's all possible.

3. Share globally

Your events will automatically be shared with relevant Odyssey members, but you'll be given a trackable public link to post and share wherever you'd like, whether it's Twitter, LinkedIn, Email blast or something we can't even think of!

It's time to make the full impact you're meant to

We give you the tools to have fulfilling conversations that empower underreprepresented students with insights, exposure, and the confidence to succeed.
Just set up some slots in your free time, select the topic, audience, number of participants, length of time, & share where you'd like!

Grow valuable leadership and management skills

Advisor, advocate, mentor, coach - all of these roles we can give ourselves in conversation helping others in their career journey, and all are important aspects of growing our own skills in leading others in the workplace

Feel good about paying it forward for those in need

It takes a village - we've all been there and know the support we needed - so Odyssey makes it easy for you to ensure you do your part for those who still need to build their own village

Build relationships with the next generation of leaders

We may be focused on helping expand their support network, but today's trainee's become tomorrow's leaders, and the relationships and learnings you'll gain from these conversations can become even more valuable

Your free time is not just for scrolling, it can actually power a better future

Schedule chats when and how you'd like
Become a better leader and manager
Host fulfilling conversations that matter
Grow relationships with the next gen of leaders
We make it seamless, you can focus on what counts
Be the role model you were meant to be